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Welcome to Sweet Bouquets Cupcakes

Sweet Bouquets Cupcakes specializes in floral cakes and cupcakes for Realtors, Weddings , and Corporate Events. Our products are baked fresh from scratch, and are just the right amount of sweet using our special recipes. We use only the finest ingredients and believe in providing our customers with a dessert that is equally delicious as it is beautiful.

Cupcakes - The Complete Collection | Bouquet of a dozen flower cupcakes |

Hello, I'm Tanya

Baking is my Love Language. I use it to show people how much I love and appreciate them. I have been blessed by having the opportunity to turn my love for baking into a business. Every cupcake or cake leaving my kitchen has been hand piped by myself with love and great attention to detail. I hope wherever my cupcakes go, they bring you just as much happiness.

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